About Me

Sirituality is a monumental force is my life. Common sense is a rarety in this generation. So I larned to fine tune myself, to further increase my understanding. I found that simple human nature is a deep well of spirituality at its begining stages and that there is more to each spirirtul intistution than meets the eye

I am the CEO and founder of the martial art and entry combat sysytem Yokatai.
Early life
I was introduced to Martial Arts by my mother around 5 in Vicenza Italy. I got into a lot fights, sometimes with students from other Dojos. It was the 80s, and things like that just happened. At 9, in Glen Burnie Md, I had an experience that changed my life and my way of thinking! I was jumped by a gang, and one of my good friends were among them. 

Obviously, I, nor any of our mutual freinds knew he joind a gang. He was told to turn on freinds he had, as part of  prooving his loyalty. I was 9, he was 11, and I made it very easy for him to fail, and to know he should never come around me again. Some of these guys looked like they were in ther 20s,. I took a few down who seemd to be in HS, when I fell, I was repetedly kicked. When I had the chance, I got up and ran. I thought I was surly F**#ed, but I got home, fighing along the way till they got tired. I learned that day, that being in the in it click was not for me, and Iv handing guys like that their A## for a long time.

I have developed a certain intolorance for guys like that, and that kind of behavior. As well, In my early 20s Ive been the intended victim of 2 attempted robberies, wich didnt go as planned for those involved. Most physical assults Ive experienced have been spread out throughout my life, and those moments have increased my awareness and fight IQ. They gave me expeirence, knowlage, and muscle memory to execute hyper martial arts strategies; all of it... synthisized in Yokatai!
In 2009 at the Watanabe Ha Tornament, I became Internationa shiai Karate Champion. My final match was against a Wing Chun fighter.

Since trainng wih Whunji Watanabe, student of the late Kori Hisataka, living and traing in thailand with foremer pensinchi fighters... I decided to synthisize all iv learned in martial arts, in combination with real world fighting elements. I am an avid trainer, constantly sharpening my skill, my intentions and myself.

I live in Niagra Falls Ny. My goal is to bring safty to individuals, enabling them to be self sufficiant, in a way that breeds healthy character, and a balanced mind, embedding a moral warrior within society.

Future Plans
I plan to, and have partnered with local recource to increase the effectivness if my mission, and goals. I am looking for indiviuals and organizations that can help me bring more balance whare there is instability, increasing the world stage for YOKATAI.

I go in on movies! Few shows, most of what I watch is mainly on Netflix. They help me unwind, and give me a moment of pause in my day.

Games: Im a Die hard Asassins Creed fan... OMG! a big beer Assasin creed and a Cigar, all day sundays if I can! Skyrim/ Elderscrolls, great game! Way addictive! Nomally in and out on that game... could stay on for days, so im careful with my missions. Thats normally a during the week game.

Outdoor: Im interested in falconry, but its time consuming, it takes a devotion I do not currently have, so that one will have to wait. I like Rock climbng! Im experienced, not an expert, but capable. Those carreer climbers though, guys and girls,  they do really do some amaizing things up there, esepecially with no harness. Ide like to do som real hardened bike trails. I like hiking, camping, bushwacking kinda stuff.. I cant help it Im an outdoorsy guy, I love it! Like we say "its not an adventure till someting goes wrong".

Im not an extreem enviornmentalist, but I do enjoy our outdoors, and belive we should take care of it. Get out there see what your missing. I like many things, but those are the basics in my book.

Help me spread the message share the links, and get in touch with me if your looking for somehting new in Yokatai|A new system, for a new world!

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