About Eric
Eric was born in 1983 to Eric, and Yvonne J Huff. He is a Martial Artist and ordained Minister. Around the age of 13. He began reading the Bible with a serious intent to understand it. His fathers death brought along spiritual experiences he could not explain. Although His sister had been baptized at a young age; at 25 Eric spoke to  his mother about his own baptism, and for the first time that same year He was Baptized; at New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore. Upon being an ordained minister its very clear the issues the church faces; He now resides in Chattanooga Tennesee. Eric was introduced to Martial Arts
at age 5 by His Mother while Living in Vicenza Italy.  He Got into fights often with students from other Dojos. Upon returning to the U.S with His Mother and Sister, Eric found himself fighting all the time to maintain who he was; Many times which His mother never knew about;even Into Highschool and as an adult He still had to exercise defense. He has always been out numbered. Eric has trained in a total of 7 different Martial Arts,  beginning at childhood to present;  including; Judo, Shotokan Karate, Teak kwodo, Shoriji Ryu Kenukai. Hapkido, and Tang Soo Do. Now he has just returned from Thailand training Muay Thai with trainers who all were former Pensinchai fighters; at the Gym formerly known as Siam number. one He has Trained  with Jhoon Rhee, and studied under Shunji Watanabe, pupil of the late Kori Hisataka. During His life Eric has been prompted, and asked to tryout and train for the U.S National Teakwondo Team. He declined. Upon the next account his focus was entering Ministry. Eric is an avid trainer, constantly sharpening his technique and himself.
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